Oxygen cocktails for your health

Scientists have proved that oxygen is absorbed through the stomach wall into the blood, increases vitality, strengthens the immune system and even struggling with chronic fatigue. In the course of research was selected as the most convenient way of delivery of oxygen in the body is using oxygen cocktails. Such cocktails, oxygen-rich, useful for adults who want to stay longer young, and children.

What is the oxygen cocktail?

This cocktail is foamed oxygen juice, a solution of herbs Il another drink. Currently, these cocktails are very popular in big cities, where the composition of the ambient air leaves much to be desired. Oxygen cocktail drink through a straw, it can even eat with a spoon. For basics such cocktails are applied juices from fruits or dry mix, intended to make milkshakes. In practice for preparation of oxygen cocktails are fruit juices in packs, and various berry fruits.

The composition

The composition of the cocktail is, in fact, gaseous oxygen, dry basis (the juice or decoction of herbs) and a component that provides long-lasting foam. The cocktails can be added and various vitamins. As the foaming components are used: syrup of licorice root, egg white, or gelatin. It is permissible to use a mixture of such substances. For the manufacture of oxygen cocktails often used dry egg white. The use of natural protein is limited, as the shelf life of it is limited, and there is a danger of infection product Salmonella.

In sanatoriums and rest houses are widely used decoctions or syrups medicinal herbs. Oxygen cocktails based on them not only strengthen the body in General, but also affect a particular organ, which improves its performance. In institutions for oxygen cocktails widely used rosehip syrup with added vitamins. In Nightclubs oxygen cocktails are often made on the basis of wine and other alcoholic drinks. Under the action of the oxygen of the alcohol does not cause the body harm.

Preparation of cocktail

Traditionally, to prepare the cocktail used kokteyler forming air foam. Can be used and the oxygen mixer. In kokteyler seasoned liquid basis and connect it to the oxygen concentrator. In the foaming juice or syrup turns out tasty drink the foam structure.

What is the use of oxygen cocktail?

Such cocktails provide the body with pure oxygen. Eliminating hypoxia, that is, oxygen starvation. Such air cocktails help the body fight chronic fatigue and insomnia. Receiving oxygen cocktails after physical mental stress well restores the body.

Cocktail with oxygen is also used to restore the intestinal microflora. As a result, the digestive process improves. As a preventive measure, the oxygen cocktail is used to improve immunity in children. Useful this cocktail and pregnant women.


If you have a serious illness, before the use of the oxygen cocktail is to consult a doctor.

Not recommended such cocktails for people suffering from asthma, gallstones, respiratory failure, kidney stones and peptic ulcer disease. Some people may show allergic reactions to certain herbs are included in the cocktails.

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