Oxford scientists have developed special glasses for vision recovery

In the design of the spectacles is a camera that records everything that happens before the eyes of the person with sight problems, writes The Telegraph. The image through the program changed to black and white to facilitate face recognition, parts of objects.

Glasses scientists tested the 70-year-old Lin Oliver. In his youth the doctors diagnosed her with retinitis pigmentosa. The woman is almost blind. Glasses new generation of partially restore sight in almost hopeless case. Development of simplified contact and supervision of a guide dog, without which a woman does not a step.

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Note that points will not return the vision completely, but they can make the world for short-sighted people more detailed and informative. Interestingly, the model proved to be excellent in the twilight lighting, which is useful for patients with night blindness. In this case, one sees the bad, if the lighting is bright enough.

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