"Owls suffer more than "larks" - stats

Researchers from Korea University have analyzed the health of 1,600 people aged 47-59 years and linked this information with the biorhythms of people. 95 volunteers were typical "owls" 480 - "Zhavoronki, the rest of the study participants had an intermediate type of biorhythms. The study is published in the edition of WebMD.

Regardless of age, lifestyle and level of lipids in the blood, the incidence of the "owls" were significantly higher than "larks". Men-owls often sick with diabetes, sarcopenia. Female owls had more problems with being overweight, were more likely to metabolic syndrome, talking about his impending diabetes.

The quality of sleep in "owls" lower than "larks". "Owls" are more likely to live unhealthy lifestyle: Smoking, eating dinner late at night, don't exercise enough. Each factor has an impact on health and impact on the incidence of most diseases.

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