"Owls" are more likely to experience problems with their

It is known that the biorhythms of people can vary greatly. Some are easier and fruitful work in the morning, get up without a problem early in the morning and fall asleep in the evening. The peak health of others have in the evening or night, they love to sleep until lunch and avoid the morning of intense physical or intellectual strain. Scientists distinguish two extreme types: "owls and larks". There is an intermediate option - "doves". Unfortunately, most employers and educational institutions do not take into account the biorhythms of the people, although this could increase the productivity of a person.

Scientists have found that night owls are more likely to face problems related to academic performance at work or school than larks. They are less in control of their emotions. These data are published by scientists from the American University of California at Berkeley.

Conclusions were made after conducting the study, affecting more than 2.7 thousand teenagers from 13 to 18 years. Scientists have found that owls often do not have time to perform the required work, break time. In addition, in some situations it is harder for them to control their emotions.

There are two exits from this provision. One of them is trying to change the routine of his day and to adapt to the required biorhythms, to depart to sleep earlier and Wake up exclusively in the morning. Another way out is to find work or other activities, which would coincide with the daily routine of a person- "owls" that will allow you to feel comfortable when performing any length and be truly productive.

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