Ovulation increases the propensity to shopping women

Experts and America have analyzed the influence of female cycles on the propensity to purchase. It turned out that during menstruation women are the most inclined to visit the shops. Data provided by the Journal of Consumer Research.

Scientists from the University of Texas San Antonio conducted a study involving 553 women aged 18-40 years. None of the volunteers were not taking hormone treatment and female cycles correctly.

In the analysis, conducted by the author of the study and head of the Christina Durant, managed to establish: in menstruating women make most purchases, trying to feel better and cheer up. Purchases are often associated with dealing with the opposite sex. This thrust inherent in women in the process of evolution and be done with it nothing is impossible.

"Women in the period of ovulation trying to attract the attention of a greater number of potential partners, which is a natural mechanism. Most likely, this moves them while performing a wide variety of shopping," commented the results of the study Kristine Durant.

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Scientists are advised to pay attention to the findings, marketers and use them in the course of his career.

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