Overweight worsens over the flu

The risk of dying from the flu three times higher in people suffering from obesity. That is why they should be required to be vaccinated, writes The National Post, referring to the work of virologists McMaster University.

The opinion of scientists is that at risk are people with a body mass index over 30. It is not clear whether overweight impairs the body's resistance to infection, or for worse comorbidities of obesity, such as diabetes, heart problems and blood vessels. This study of more than 230 cases of influenza is not yet able to answer this question.

A logical look the conclusion that the highest percentage of flu complications (pneumonia, respiratory failure) is observed in elderly populations. She most often and is hospitalized in intensive care units. Older people also have the highest proportion of deaths from this infection.

Statistical evidence suggests that young children suffer from pneumonia much more often than adults. The percentage of deaths and hospitalizations among this group is quite low. Most pregnant, carrying the flu during the carrying a child, exposed to constant observation in the hospital, as quite a high risk of miscarriage or intrauterine pathology of the fetus.

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