Overweight women have a higher IQ

IQ test is a test that evaluates human mental abilities. American scientists have found a link between the weight of the woman and her level of intelligence. It turns out that overweight women are often in positions that require mental effort and have a higher IQ than women with normal weight in the same age group.

An American study took place over several years. It was attended by more than 16 thousand women with different body type and age. Each volunteer underwent several tests that determine the level of intellectual development, IQ test, aptitude for mathematics. In addition, women were asked to solve tasks in chemistry, physics and other natural Sciences. Next, the researchers analyzed the results, which allowed us to draw conclusions about the relationship of the weight of the woman and her level of intelligence.

The study showed that overweight women tend to have higher mental abilities. In some cases, this pattern was pronounced in others weaker, but it's safe to say that the relationship between these factors definitely have. More curvy shape was often present in the most educated participants of the experiment.

Scientists believe that the reason may lie in the connection called omega-3. This acid increases the activity of the human brain and allows it to function fully. It is worth noting that its concentration in the body fat of people higher than others.

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