Overweight people earn less - statistics

Scientists from Sweden conducted a survey involving 150 thousand men. Scientists compared the weight of the volunteers and their earnings. It turned out, the extra weight affected the income of a person is already 18 years old.

Obese people earn on average 16% less than their counterparts with normal weight, writes The Daily Mail. Further force scientists were aimed at the study of obesity in families with two brothers. Was revealed the same pattern: weight hindered to reach a greater level of earnings.

Scientists believe that the fault is not only reduced physical activity and endurance in obesity, and reduced self-esteem, lack of motivation, the stereotypes. Since adolescence, a person's worldview is influenced by all factors, including relationships with peers. Especially dangerous obesity in adolescence and childhood, when classmates difficult to understand what a man feels and excess weight. Obesity is a disease, like many others, it is treatable.

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