Overweight in youth leads to kidney disease in old age

The presence of excess weight in age from 26 to 26 years of age increases the probability that in the 60-64 year people will suffer from chronic kidney disease, reports The Times of India. Owners shapes Apple also have reason to think, because a similar risk of disease also increases.

To this opinion of the experts, analyzing the information 4584 people. Basically, they studied the body mass index in different years studied. As it turned out, a high BMI at a young age was increased in 2 times the risk of developing kidney disease compared to those people who put on weight after 60 or not stout at all. However, the obtained research results is also affected by the presence of hypertension or diabetes. Scientists have podschitali that 36 percent of cases of kidney disease after the age of 60 and can be avoided if from an early age people will monitor excess weight. At the moment, scientists are unable to determine what exactly plays a key role: the age at which they began recruiting excess weight or total number of years during which he suffered from obesity. One thing is for sure that preventive measures prevention of excess weight is more effective than any cure for kidney diseases.

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