Overweight in adolescence greatly increases the risk of stroke

Nowadays the main factors contributing to the development of obesity among teenagers is the sedentary lifestyle. A group of scientists subjected to detailed analysis of the data thirty-seven thousand six hundred sixty-nine adult representatives of a strong half of humanity, and came to the conclusion that men who had as teenagers unnecessarily inflated body mass index, subsequently prone to strokes.

During the study the above figure of participants was measured in the range from eight to twenty years. On average, monitoring lasted for thirty-eight years. During this period, nine hundred and eighteen participants in the program had a stroke. At the same time those of the men, who at the age of eight body weight did not go beyond the norm, and for twenty years was excessive, faced with stroke by eighty percent more often. A total of eighteen hundred volunteers included in this group of stroke suffered sixty-seven (i.e., less than four percent).

In addition, observations helped clarify that the risk of stroke in men with overweight at the age of eight and twenty years was by as much as seventy percent higher (nine hundred ninety members of this group it was moved thirty-six).

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