Overtime becomes a cause of weight gain in women

In his recent study of American scientists concluded that those women who until late in time remain at work, tend to the set of extra pounds. The author of the aforementioned research, a specialist from the Centre for health Economics at Monash University Nicole AU believes that this phenomenon is due to the unhealthy lifestyle that lead women. According to her, working women often do not have enough time to do exercise or prepare healthy meals.

Studies have found that women who work more than 48 hours per week more often than other smoke, abuse alcohol and not exercising. On this occasion the American statistics brings some numbers. Now, 65 percent working 48 hours or more women are more likely to drink alcohol than 42 percent of the women who work 30 hours per week and 53 percent of non-working women.

The author of the study notes that the obtained data give professionals an idea of how the work affects the way of life and later health. The study involved thousands of women who were engaged in different activities. In total, 55 percent of participating in the experiment gained weight, and 31 percent - dropped.

According to Dr. AU, the effect of the set of extra pounds was particularly evident among working overtime women who gained 12 percent of its weight, that is 8 pounds from 69. That is how much is the average weight of the participants tested. This study has profound implications for medicine, because sudden weight gain can have rather dire consequences for health.

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