Overly sterile environment dangerous for children

Pediatricians world importance has long parents are encouraged to refrain from excessive care about sterilization environment, which remains their child. Of course, the established standards of hygiene must still be present, but not to allow their children to play outdoors, as it can fall or be bitten by any insect or he will catch a cold - that's completely unnecessary.

Every parent needs to know that our children the lion's share of the bacteria acquire it from the environment through food, as well as during contact with objects with which it comes in contact, and 90 percent of such bacteria for them harmless. But that's not all - most of these bacteria is useful and sometimes necessary for the normal operation of various biological systems of the child.

In the longer term, these groups of microorganisms should help the body in order to avoid ear infections, abdominal pain, diarrhea, infections of the reproductive system and urinary tract infections, and allergies related to food. Focusing on the use of antibacterial Soaps and toys impregnated antibacterial composition (Yes, Yes, and such, is also available), and, "potowa" his beloved son, with all sorts of medicaments for prophylactic purposes, parents bring young body only harm than good.

Believed to doctors: "Parents should concentrate not on the irrepressible desire the destruction of harmful bacteria before they are "settling" in the body of the child, and on the urgency in his body to develop a favorable microbial flora. It is, in General, do absolutely not difficult, the main thing here is to pay more attention to nutritious food".

The most useful products that stimulate the cultivation of favorable bacteria are: garlic, oats, whole wheat, onion, asparagus, honey (for children older than 1 year) and, of course, bananas. Very useful for a child is the use of probiotics - special blends, which already contains grown synthetically useful bacteria. Probiotics may be given to children, starting about six months.

Based on some experimentation, this practice will enable your children to suffer less separate diseases, and we are talking not only about food poisoning, because the presence of probiotics in the gut is the way significantly strengthen the immune system, causing children to become more protected from cold and flu viruses.

Probiotics are simply mandatory in case if according to the prescription of the medical doctor, you need the child to give antibiotics. Parents also should their children be protected from the environment where there is tobacco smoke. No weapons (smoke) by its more destructive force that is so massively destroyed favorable microbial flora in the child's body (well, except that the antibiotics).

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