Overdue hyperactive children grow up

As evidenced by research by Dutch scientists, overdue children are about twice as likely to suffer from a state of hyperactivity and similar behavioural problems in early childhood, when compared with native-born term peers.

In the latest issue of the International journal of Epidemiology were published the results of this study, which was attended by over five thousand children of Rotterdam. For tots observed within 3 years. It is noted that seven percent of children who were employed in the study were born in the forty-second period of a week or more. In addition, four percent of children born previously expected date.

Parents of all these children in the study answered questions about the behaviour of their young boys and girls aged one and a half to three years. The syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity, as shown by the survey results, characteristic for overdue children and their premature peers. This applies also to other emotional and behavioral problems.

The authors emphasize that overdue pregnancy can be dangerous because the fetus in many cases becomes large and the placenta when it can no longer provide the normal level of oxygen and nutrients, and therefore, eventually, the child may have consequences for his health.

Therefore, they recommend not to wait the natural course of events all such mothers, and the term 40-41 weeks to facilitate the completion of pregnancy, what can be done or by induction of labor or by normal caesarean section.

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