Over the last 130 years, life expectancy in developed countries has doubled

Over the past two decades the number of German citizens, which will celebrate its century-long existence, has increased by 6 times. Born in our days the child has a chance of 50 percent live to see the 22nd century and to celebrate its centenary.

This situation is not only in Germany but also in some other developed countries. Population population is growing faster than expected earlier. According to statistics, in Germany there are 17 thousand people, whose age was past 100 years. Twenty years ago, a similar figure was 2616 citizens.

Meanwhile, this trend continues to grow. Scientist Rostock University, Professor Roland Rau causes this trend that decreases mortality after 80 years of life. Since the 60-ies of the last century, the mortality rate in many countries has fallen more than 2 times. It turns out that even half a century ago, one hundred 80-letih women prior to the 81st birthday did not survive 11, and today this number is 4.

The main factor is the reduction of mortality due to diseases of the heart and blood vessels. According to Professor Rau, in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases was made a real breakthrough, and doctors have become better to cure heart ailments. People have changed and have become more concerned about their health.

Over the last 130 years, the average life expectancy has more than doubled. The average age for men was of 35.6 years, and for women -38,5. Based on statistical data of the Federal statistical office of Germany, scientists have calculated that those born in this year the boys will live on average 77,9 years, and girls 82,9.

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