Ovarian cyst symptoms and treatment

The cyst is called a bladder, which is filled with liquid. Its dimensions vary widely - from millimeters to several tens of centimeters. Education can be located within the ovary, and on its surface.

Functional ovarian cysts are often detected only in some women attain large sizes. But such dangerous symptoms as ovarian cysts and other serious diseases can manifest in the same way. The symptoms are as follows:

• pulling pain in the abdomen;

• slight bleeding from the vagina, not related to the menstrual discharge;

• in the middle of the cycle can be felt a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, there are also minor bleeding;

• pain in the abdomen may increase as a result of physical exertion or after sexual intercourse;

• periodic nausea;

• disruptions in the menstrual cycle;

• frequent urination or defecation.

Treatment of ovarian cysts is selected depending on its size, type, age and growth dynamics of education.

Conservative methods of treatment

As a rule, many functional cysts do not require treatment. Often prescribed oral contraceptives, you need to take for several months. These drugs can block the function of the ovaries, stopping the formation of new cysts and helping to reduce the size of the audience formations.

Using oral contraceptives can reduce the risk of cancer and normalize the menstrual cycle. In addition, such tools are used in the therapeutic treatment of endometriosis cysts. In the case of menopause and the presence of cysts smaller than five centimeters no treatment is administered. Do only the control ultrasound every three months to monitor the development of education.

Operative methods of treatment

There are certain types of cysts that need to be treated only operational method. If functional cysts do not disappear after a few months of therapy, they should be removed.

Cyst removal can be performed in two ways:

• using laparoscopy to remove education in the stomach make small holes. Use high-quality equipment - the laparoscope. This manipulation has minimal invasiveness and swift recovery period;

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• during laparotomy the cyst is removed through the abdominal wall, now this method of surgical intervention is rarely used.

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