Our political beliefs are formed at the genetic level

A new study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that our genetics affects political views is not less than the environment in which you grew up.

Scientists examined the evidence on the studies of monozygotic twins and their families to compare their electoral behavior with education. It turned out that some beliefs were most likely linked to a genetic predisposition, which affected especially strongly in the period of human life from 21 to 25 years, when young people typically leave the house.

Code young man chooses a political party or in accordance with their views, he feels a strong influence of parents, but most of the other beliefs - from the view of Economics to religion are highly dependent on genetics. The most strong genetic influence are shared ideology ( conservative or liberal), political beliefs, commitment to authoritarian regimes.

While scientists have not identified exactly which genes can cause a person to fight for the right to abortion or against abortion, but for example the gene 5-HTT, which helps to regulate serotonin, is largely responsible for the fact, whether there will be people at the polling station on election day. However, genetic predisposition in humans to be Democrat or Republican American scientists have not yet discovered. Research has shown that people are attracted to mates with a similar set of genes is similar political views.

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