Our childhood written on our face

Scientists from Edinburgh University found that people with asymmetrical faces usually undergone in life more deprivation than people symmetric.

The researchers analyzed 15 of the main facial features, which affected the conditions of adulthood illnesses, nutrition, exposure to tobacco smoke or polluted environment. Surprisingly, socio-economic position in adulthood does not affect the features of people's faces. That suggests to me. Even if you're rich, you can not escape from a poor childhood. That's why some of the rich and famous who lived in poverty before, have such asymmetric individuals.

Symmetry is a marker of stability, says Professor Ian diri, and that early stages of life lay on the symmetry of the face the greatest imprint.

The study analyzed face 292 people aged 83 years, they all took part in an extensive study regarding their social standard of living throughout life.

It turned out that the symmetry and social level most clearly dependent on each other in men but not in women.

A recent study also showed that people with symmetrical faces are considered more attractive partners. Probably it is connected with the unconscious expectation of emotional instability person with not symmetrical face, which caused his difficult childhood, and probably a shorter life span.

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