Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by thinning and brittle bones. This disease represents the main cause of the rapid nature of the fractures in the elderly. Osteoporosis involves the application of x-ray and bone densitometry.

In our time the best way to diagnose this disease is the use of x-ray densitometry. In addition to osteoporosis, this method allows to identify the following indicators:

1. Places with most low bone density. This is necessary to prevent fractures.

2. The likelihood of future fractures.

3. The loss of bone mass.

4. The effectiveness of medicines.

Using ultrasound densitometry studied the mechanical properties of bone and the risk of fractures.

With age, the density and bone strength decreases. This is considered a variant of the norm. However, sometimes there earlier and more intensive occurrence of such changes. Provides information about the different risk factors of osteoporosis. Their knowledge helps to prevent the start and dilation of the disease.

Factors that cannot be edited:

1. Female gender.

2. The weakness of the bones.

3. Old age.

4. Genetic predisposition.

The risk factors you can change:

1. Eating foods that are deficient in calcium and vitamin D.

2. The use of certain medications. We are talking about corticosteroids and anticonvulsants medicines.

3. The prevalence of sedentary lifestyles.

4. Harmful habits such as Smoking and excessive alcohol intake.

Marked thinning of the bones, which is not accompanied by any specific symptoms. Frequent fractures. People may not even realize that his bones affected by the disease process. Naturally, the occurrence of fractures and possibly young people. However, osteoporosis is more weak load, which causes a fracture.

Also in osteoporosis may be a pain in the back and spine, loss of height, stooped posture and spinal deformity.

Osteoporosis is characterized by the following complications:

1. The occurrence of pathological fractures that are difficult to fusion.

2. The occurrence of defects of a physical nature.

3. The difficulty of physical activity.

To determine the degree of destruction of bone and exceptions process

osteomalacia should be tested and research such as radiography, densitometry, biopsy, etc.

Treatment of osteoporosis consists of supplements and following medicines:

1. Drugs that promote bone formation. We are talking about teriparatide etc.

2. Medicines that prevent resorptive processes in the bone (bisphosphonates).

3. Selective estrogen receptor modulators.

You can also use exercises that strengthen the skeletal system.

It is necessary to calculate the dose of calcium in the diet or supplementation. Formation of vitamin D occurs in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet light. Therefore, it is recommended that frequent sun exposure. If this is not possible, it is necessary to take vitamin D in addition. The best option is to use a multivitamin complexes. Also do not forget about the walks, Jogging and aerobics. This is due to the fact that moderate physical activity also helps strengthen bones.

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