Osteochondrosis - young disease of mankind

Every human life is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. First and foremost, you want speed and mobility. Accordingly, the restructuring of the rhythm of life can not have a positive impact on human health. And suffers from this, basically, is the main support of the human body - the spine.

Undeniable is the fact that almost every citizen of our country suffer from various diseases associated with the spine. And, as a rule, it is not only retirees, but still quite young people who have not crossed the thirty year old age mark. On the one hand, pain in the spine they are not yet strong enough to give them great value. And if they bring some discomfort, you can take any pain medication and forget about them. But on the other hand, the body of each pain remembers. It is no coincidence subsequently have problems with the nervous system. Because the spine is concentrated many of nerve fibers and cells that make up the spinal cord. Moreover, the acceptance of any drug is not harmful for our body.

The most common disease of the spine osteochondrosis, which is characterized by degenerative and degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs. Degeneration is when healthy tissues degenerate and lose their elasticity. And when dystrophy violated their food.

The occurrence of osteoarthritis associated with bipedal locomotion of a man and his sedentary, mostly sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the spine bear heavy loads. Under the influence of gravity the intervertebral discs, which provide mobility of the spine, eventually wear out and lose their ability to bounce. As the spine becomes less flexible.To prevent the onset of osteoarthritis:1. Exercise aimed at training the muscles of the back.2. Track your body weight, as excess weight is excessive load on the spine.3. To properly lift and carry loads. You want to sit down without bending over to take the weight and go up with her. And the load will go in the first place, not on the spine, and legs. When you carry cargo in one hand, your other hand should be pressed to the thigh, in order to properly distribute the load on the back muscles. And in General, try to do it in two hands at the same time.

If you are seriously worried about your spine, the less sit, take a long walk on foot. Then the spine you will be appreciated.

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