Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease, which is accompanied by changes in the exchange character in the articulated surfaces of the bones. Occurs chronically. Most often affects the hip and/or knee joints, at least - shoulder, elbow and other joints. Women suffer from osteoarthritis more often than men. At risk include people who are actively engaged in sports or heavy physical labor, who spend a lot of time in a standing or sitting position.

A nagging pain in any joint, which is particularly evident when walking and other loads on the joint.

Aches and crackle in the joint. At the beginning of the disease crunch weak, but if untreated, it becomes stronger. Supercooling joint it may appear ache.

Swelling around the joint, swelling. These symptoms are characteristic also for arthritis. When osteoarthritis swelling appears only during exacerbation of the disease and is accompanied not sharp, aching pain, which gives a person a great inconvenience.

The causes of osteoarthritis

- hereditary factor;

- static load on the joint for a long period of time;

- excess weight, increase much stress on the joints and spine;

- injuries of the joints (arthritis that developed after the injury is called post-traumatic);

- diseases that occur with metabolic disturbance in the body, for example: diabetes mellitus;

- the offset of the center of gravity and increasing the load on the limb due to flat feet.

To cure this disease completely impossible, in the power of modern medicine only to stop the destruction of cartilage. Treatment of osteoarthritis (and any other diseases) should be integrated. We also need to identify and eliminate the root cause of osteoarthritis.

Pain and inflammation in the period of exacerbation of osteoarthritis. Most often, the doctor people go at this time. The task of the doctor is the relief of inflammation and further treatment of osteoarthritis. In very advanced cases, when the joint is partially or completely loses its mobility, possible surgical intervention.

Physiotherapy and massage is part of the treatment of osteoarthritis, which comprises electrophoresis, hirudotherapy, mud or radon baths, magnetic therapy, acupuncture, therapeutic physical culture and relaxing massage. All these procedures are under the supervision of a doctor and an individual program. During acute physical therapy is interrupted.

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The recovery of the cartilage of the joints is the main goal of treatment. Patient prescribe medications that contain protective agents.

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