Orthopedic pillows and their types

Our shoulders, neck and head during sleep need in the correct position, so for a good rest during sleep necessary orthopedic pillows. To choose a quality orthopedic pillow is better to visit an orthopedic store, so you can avoid problems with counterfeit goods.

Remember one thing, buying an orthopedic pillow, you choose it strictly for themselves, its size and shape will depend on your shoulder blades and shoulders. Don't forget to tell the seller how you prefer to sleep, it is also very important.

Anatomical pillows help with osteochondrosis, scoliosis of the spine, and they are useful to people suffering from joint pains.

Orthopedic pillows differ in what consist the material. The main material from which is made the pillow should be flexible, it must also keep a certain shape and to have a long shelf life. He should not crumble and absorb any odors.

The pillow, which includes polyester, not only very easy to use, but is about 10 years. The main advantages of such orthopedic pillows is that it does not cause allergies. And its height, you can adjust themselves without the help of a specialist, just enough to pull out of her polyester balls and quietly goes to sleep. Wash this pillow can not only manually, but also in the washing machine.

ANATOMICHESKOE pillow, which consists of memory foam is a versatile product. Because such material as viscoelastic foam, able to remember all the contours of your body. Due to the fact that the material is porous it can hold the same temperature, even in the heat. One of its advantage is that it absorbs mechanical energy and evenly distributes it to the body. A small disadvantage is that only the price is high, but the effect of it will not make you wait long.

The greatest demand pillows made of latex. These orthopedic pillows do not absorb dust, and because they are made from environmentally friendly product, they will start dust mites. This cushion consists of two rollers, and in the middle of the recess, it contributes not only good for the circulation, but also the brain. It is great for bedridden patients. And breathable material structure helps prevent bedsores.

On the proper selection of orthopedic pillows will depend on your sleep.

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