Orthopedic mattress will save you from bedsores

In every person's life can happen unpleasant situation, when he for a long time will have to be performed in the supine position. Reasons for prolonged lying in bed can be quite a lot, most of them are related to health problems. This may be the recovery period after surgery, recently moved a stroke or treatment of a hernia of a backbone. After these diseases, intensive care period should take place when the immobilization of the patient, complete or partial. The only way you can avoid many complications. But the supine patient is exposed to other risks, its condition affects the increase in the load on its vessels, bones and even the psyche. But first and foremost you need to pay attention to the appearance of bedsores, to try to prevent them. Because the patient leads a sedentary lifestyle, and this contributes to the emergence of this nasty disease. This term is characterized by necrosis of soft tissues, and excessively long pressure on them. To bedsores was not, it is necessary to reduce the pressure on the body. For this you need to buy the mattresses are good quality and best of all, they would be orthopedic. This is the most effective measure for conducting passive prevention measures. Because the patient is not forced to go on a diet and lose weight, the body and so exhausted by the fight against disease. Orthopedic mattress allows the patient's spine to be in its natural position. It is physiologically correct for a person. The design of the mattress is of two kinds - spring unit and without it. But the design feature does not affect its quality. Its main distinguishing feature is that, in any location not to push in any other part of the deformation will not occur. Because of this effect, all body parts are in their normal state, which helps to avoid bedsores. So any disease associated with long lying in bed, the mattress is to buy a must. But bedsore prevention should not be limited to the purchase of the mattress. Though it is convenient and well designed, but without the help of another person who cannot cope with the disease. The patient should be put in charge of caring for it staff. His responsibilities include turning the patient every two hours. Besides, he should wipe it with a damp towel, regular change of bed linen and watch his diet.

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