Orangutans are able to perceive the past

Orangutans are not the only apes that have the ability to perceive the past. They not only can recall past events, but also talk about them other individuals. Relevant studies presented in the publication Science Advances.

The authors of the research project were members of St. Andrews University in Scotland. According to them, it is not currently possible to determine with high accuracy whether the orangutans refers to his past as events that offset this in the timeline. For this reason, they believe that it is crucial to monitor the primates. To do this, scientists arrived on the island of Sumatra, to see the animals in their natural environment. The essence of the experiment was that the researchers were dressed in cloaks that mimic the skins of predators and approached the animal. They began to crawl around the primates to capture their reaction.

Scientists came to the conclusion that in the case of approaching females with calves of people in the Cape, which mimic the skin of a tiger, they had signs of stress. After the disappearance of the threat, the females gave the signal of danger, making sounds similar to smacking. Scientists say that females are informed about the dangers to young just after her disappearance, so as not to attract the attention of predatory animals.

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