Oral sex increases mental activity modern women

The health benefits of regular sex for women scientists have proved for a long time ,it has a beneficial effect on the psychological status and does not allow blood to stagnate in the pelvis. Now scientists have come to the conclusion that the useful women and oral sex.

Researchers from new York University analyzed the condition of 300 women with an active sex life, after a detailed survey about their habits. It turned out that the women involved in this non-traditional form of sex, slept better and had a more stable state of mind.The fact that male sperm contains special substances that have a positive impact on the condition of the female body, including libido and psyche. Among the substances contained in the semen can be found: action, cortisol, oxytocin, thyroid-stimulating hormone and melatonin, and most importantly - serotin. Serotin - a neurotransmitter that can improve mental abilities and stimulate brain activity.

However, to exert its effects on the female body is the sperm can only through unprotected sex. As for protection and protection from diseases the most part couples use condoms during traditional sex, sperm enter the female body only during oral sex.

Scientists believe that such a relatively safe way of getting semen in the body helps women to improve mental capacity and keep his mind, that was confirmed by a survey.

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