Oral sex can cause cancer

As scientists discovered in Oxford about a third of patients diagnosed with throat cancer" can be noted infection with HPV, or human papillomavirus, the BBC reports. This virus also think the main reason for the development of such a disease as cancer of the cervix. When genital or oral contact to get them very easily.

In nature this virus is found in more than 100 different types. Immunity against the virus in almost all works well, but in case of infection screening to hold still necessary. Of all the strains of HPV most terrible are 16 and 18 associated with the first 60% of cases of oral cancer, the same number of cervical cancer, 80% of cancer of the anal canal. But experts this time drew attention to the relationship of cancer of the oropharynx with the virus.

Was researched a lot of blood samples completely healthy at the beginning of the survey people. Was looking there antibodies to E6 is a key protein of the virus that disables protects against cancer cell system. If the presence in the blood of antibodies, it means that protective barriers are overcome, and the virus in the cells caused by cancer changes.

Blood tests of patients who had developed cancer, and healthy people showed that 35% of patients with cancer of the throat antibodies were available, and among healthy such was less than 1%. Doctors ' recommendations are as follows: you should practice only safe sex (this also applies to oral contact).

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