Oral contraceptive - the key to happiness in marriage

Women who used the pill when they met her future husband, are more likely to acquire a stable and happy marriage, according to scientists from the University of Stirling.

The marriages of these women last twice as long, if the partner took the pill in the days of their first intimate meetings. Although such women are generally less sexually satisfied by their husbands, they are much happier in other aspects of marriage - financial support, loyalty that makes a couple stronger.

Birth control pills regulate the balance of female hormones and her mood and feelings don't change so drastically depending on the cycle. Without pills hormone level changes and causes emotional outbursts, which are placed at the forefront of physical attraction.

The researchers analyzed the responses of 2500 women from several countries regarding the relationship with the biological father of their children. It turned out that the host of oral contraceptive women are less satisfied in sex, however, are satisfied with their non-sexual relationship.

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