Optimism is better for women

A new study showed that optimism among female students leads to good grades, and among male - to bad.

Israeli researchers have studied the attitude and evaluation 174 students from 20 to 28 years. It was found that the more optimistic the student would receive better grades than their classmates. The male students were observed the opposite trend: excessive optimism led to overestimate their abilities and underestimate the need for training, the student returned to a lower level.

The study was presented this year at the International Conference on Positive Psychology in Philadelphia.

"Optimism leads male students overestimate themselves and unfounded belief that all goes well," says Tamar Isakson, one of the authors of the study. "So instead of preparing for the upcoming on the morning of the test, they went to have fun".

"For female students optimism was a good advantage, because by nature they are more responsible than men. Women have lower self-esteem, so if they are not sure of the result in advance, they are well prepared to texts".

Although the study traces the relationship between attitudes and evaluations, it does not examine the causal relationships between them, and therefore needs revision.

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