Optimism is an obstacle to the achievement of the objectives

American scientists analyzed data from several studies, participants were asked to respond to a variety of issues concerning abortion, homosexuality, ideology, climate change and even the President of the trump.

Volunteers were also asked to make predictions about the further development of all the above mentioned situations.

The results showed that those volunteers who believed in the best, much less tried to do anything for the realization of their desires in life.

For example, 91% of respondents who dreams about the legalization of abortion, were pretty sure that in the future this procedure will still be permitted. While slightly less than half of those who actively advocated the preservation of the strict legislation on abortion, predicted any changes in this regard.

Earlier, researchers from the University of California managed to find many similarities optimists and pessimists. For example, a positive attitude and belief in the best does not protect people against the occurrence of negative emotions that often occur in moments of uncertainty.

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