Ophthalmologists: caffeine has no effect on intraocular pressure

Ophthalmologists research Institute in Allahabad examined the effect of coffee and tea on intraocular pressure.

Previously it was assumed that coffee and strong tea may increase intraocular pressure and thereby aggravate the course of glaucoma and other eye diseases.

The study was conducted on volunteers, which was buried 1 percent caffeine in the eye. Before and 30 minutes after the procedure was performed measurement of intraocular pressure. Then the volunteers were prescribed drops with caffeine in 1 week and after made another measurement of intraocular pressure.

As it turned out, against the background of caffeine during the week were not recorded significant rises in intraocular pressure. Despite the obtained data, experts urge patients with eye diseases begin to take large amounts of this fragrant drink, so as to increase intraocular pressure can other components of coffee, which in this study was not investigated.

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