Ophthalmologist: red eyes in children

Began training season. Your child is in children's groups and more contact with other children, and this means that increases the risk of developing conjunctivitis.

We remind you, conjunctivitis is a condition that occurs when the inflamed mucous membrane of the eye. The cause of conjunctivitis may be bacterial and viral infection, which is transmitted to the contact, the less airborne.

If you notice that your child has red eyes, there is a "souring", he complains of a feeling of sand in eyes or burning sensation is conjunctivitis and we need urgently to address to the expert. The ophthalmologist will prescribe the necessary treatment, and the process can become chronic.

What parents can do to prevent eye infections in their children:

First: tell us about the rules of personal hygiene to your child. Especially in the season incidence of respiratory infections should wash their hands often with soap and water, or use antiseptic solutions and wipes for hands.

Second, explain to your child that you should not RUB your eyes with your hands, you cannot use someone else's towel or cloth. Girls high school girls often "test" on each new mascara - explain that this can lead to infection.

Third: the bowl change your pillowcase at the bedside of the child, it will also help to avoid conjunctivitis.

Fourth: a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, vitamins strengthen the natural defenses of the body - the immune system of the child, to avoid any infection.

According to the article "Red eye in children" published in ophthalmology portal Ukraine

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