Opening: obesity causes memory loss

Many factors affect the memory, one of them is overweight. Still has a negative impact on the memorization of information Smoking, alcohol, depression and poor education. This is indicated by the results of one recent study involving 18 thousand volunteers aged 18 to 39 years.

Memory problems, according to the survey, nearly 20% of all people. At least they think so. With age more and more people complain of poor memory.

The survey showed that lifestyle has a direct effect on brain function. If the person until old age was occupied in intellectual work, his memory is usually well preserved even for retirement. The same effect had sports. Older people with obesity, on the contrary, quite often, had serious problems with remembering information.

The researchers recommend to abandon bad habits and eat healthy food. Following these simple rules, plus 20 minutes of physical activity a day will ensure a happy old age and good memory.

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