Opening: caffeine increases chance of miscarriage

Two cups of coffee every day before conception of a child can greatly harm the fetus and even break the course of pregnancy. About it tell results of work of specialists of Ohio University and the National institutes of health. The risk of loss of a child due to regular consumption of coffee increases.

In total the study involved 334 couples wishing to have a baby. During follow-up 70% of pregnancies ended in the birth of a baby, and the rest in miscarriage, says

It turned out that regular consumption of coffee by men increases the risk of breakage of pregnancy 73%, women 74%. A good reason to refuse drink for several months before a planned pregnancy.

The likelihood of complications during pregnancy reduces the intake of vitamins and proper nutrition. Doctors advise men 3-6 months prior to pregnancy to stop using alcohol and Smoking. Then the sperm will come in active and healthy condition. With women such a focus does not work. Every cigarette you smoke leaves a trace on the health of the eggs.

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