Opened new possibilities of the immune system during stress

Experiments with mice have revealed new properties of the immune system. Monocytes contained in the tissues and blood can produce symptoms of anxiety. This is probably one of the reasons for deterioration in the mood for stress and gives the lever, which will help to deal with such conditions. A study conducted at Ohio University says there is an equal two-way communication between the peripheral and Central nervous system. This relationship and its impact on behavior.

Monocytes cells inflammation that rush to the affected area. And if the trauma they usually come in muscle tissue or in the parenchyma of the organs, while the stress in the nervous tissue of the brain, there causing an inflammatory reaction that poorly violate the structure of gray and white matter, but affects the centers of fear and anxiety. These centers are located in the frontal part, hippocampi and almond-shaped gland.

For the experiment in rodents that had been artificially caused stress social defeat. For this, the mouse family was settled very active male. Animals involuntarily obeyed him, which caused them systematically anxiety and stress. The degree and strength of the anxiety and stress depended on the frequency of collisions with the social defeat.

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It is worth noting the previously proven fact that microglia (environment, supporting the nervous tissue) is the first level of protection of the brain from the immune agents. It activates its immune effect during long-term stress, causing monocytes that enter the brain from the blood stream and bone marrow.

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