Opened new opportunities platelets

Platelets are also able to actively participate and play a role in protecting the body from bacteria, as evidenced by the results of the research of German scientists published in the scientific journal Nature Immunology. Characteristically, cytotoxic CD8+ T lymphocytes appears only when antigen as an activator of dendritic cells.

Medical portal "Med info" writes that studies conducted on laboratory mice showed that platelets react to the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, which is one of the most common pathogenic bacteria transmitted through food, plastered with her and conveying in the spleen, followed by the establishment of pathogenic dendritic cells, and CD8+ activated.

Adhesion of platelets occurs with the participation of the C3 component of complement and GPIb receptor. In mice that have genetic defects C3-component adhesion of platelets was not observed, and Listeria is destroyed by macrophages with less immunogenicity.

This is not a big, but important role of platelets in well-functioning immune system, the establishment of the fragile balance between the different ways of protecting the body from bacteria.

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