Opened a new method of treating age-related macular degeneration

Scientists from the Australian centre for studies in the field of ophthalmology that in Melbourne, conduct a test of a new method using a laser, by which age-related macular degeneration can be completely cured. The process takes no more than ten minutes. If all goes well, the ophthalmologists for the first time in the history of medicine will be a new tool for the treatment of this eye disease.

Macular degeneration begins to develop after 50 years, and the reason for its occurrence is the sprouting of new blood vessels through the Central part of the eye's retina, called the macula, which enables man to discern their surroundings. Of new blood vessels leak blood, which eventually leads to scarring and partial, and eventually complete loss of Central vision. The person loses the ability to distinguish people's faces, watch TV, read, since it only has peripheral vision.

90 cases out of 100 have the dry form of AMD, which is incurable and very slowly progressing. Experts hope that the laser therapy may be the first and most effective way to treat the disease and to cure it will be able both forms. The laser will have an impact on the white-yellow deposits, known as "senile plaques", which is formed in the rear part of the optic body. Their origin is due to poor outflow of waste cells, which occurs due to age.

By themselves, a small plaque is not so dangerous, however, how large can cause the growth of blood vessels in the macula and to initiate degeneration. New laser Ellex 2RT, which emits pulses with a duration in nanoseconds, not harm healthy tissue, effectively destroying plaques. Testing on 24 patients showed that after 12 months of therapy Central vision patients improved by 64 percent.

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