Open gene depression

Scientists from the Munich max Planck Institute have discovered a new gene affecting the development of a person of deep depression. Leading scientist of the research project Dr. Martin Kohli published his research work in the journal "Neuron", in his article, he expresses the hope that he discovered the mechanism of development of depression will help to develop therapeutic tactics to combat this mental disorder.

Deep depression not only affects the health of a person, but can lead to suicide in extreme cases. Clinical efficacy of modern methods of treatment of depression is very low, the opening of a new influence in the development of the gene may help to develop more effective antidepressants.

Dr. Kohli conducted a thorough study of genes, more than 15,000 suffering from depression people. Scientist have identified a gene SLC6A15, which encodes a transport protein amino acids, a new gene responsible for the human propensity to deep depression. People cured from depression, significantly decreased the expression of this gene in the hypothalamus, which is born of deep depression.

The author of the study suggests that the decreased activity of the gene SLC6A15, especially in the hypothalamus may result in reduced susceptibility of the psyche to the development of depression and increase the stress of the person. Gene SLC6A15 be adjustable with the help of medical devices that gives scientists hope Razrabotka new effective antidepressant.

In modern society there is an epidemic of depression and it is clear what has caused such a deep study of this problem. We hope that in the near future, scientists will be able to solve the difficult task of ridding the modern society from the real threats.

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