Open gene back pain

British scientists have discovered the gene responsible for long-term back pain, this discovery may provide the key to new and effective means of treating this disease.

A team of researchers from Cambridge University have identified a gene HCN2, lock produced protein which will relieve people from pain.

In the experiment this gene was removed from the sensitive nerves in mice. Measuring the speed of response of mice to painful stimuli, scientists have found that no gene no pain. However, the absence of HCN2 does not affect the perception of acute pain, such as injection, it eliminates two types of pain and inflammatory ( from persistent injuries, burns) and neuropathic ( resulting from damaged nerves and tormenting people throughout life).

Study author Peter McNaughton believes that the opening of HCN2 can give at least a break, and most likely pain relief for people suffering from chronic neuropathic pain.

Remove other responsible for pain gene removes all the sensations, in the case of HCN2 subjects mouse experienced an acute "signal" of pain, but were relieved neuropathic pain.

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