Open a new medicine against tuberculosis

In the United States was approved the drug, which is intended for the treatment of patients with lekarstvomoscow form of TB, which have no effect other generally accepted methods of treatment, reports Reuters news Agency. This is a drug that was developed by company "Johnson&Johnson", for the first time in the last half-century has incorporated innovative approaches to the problem of tuberculosis treatment. Its action is based on blocking the enzymes that are necessary for the bacteria of tuberculosis to maintain their livelihoods.

The active ingredient in this drug is bedaquiline. In the pharmaceutical market the drug will be marketed under the name "Sirturo". Manufacturer Johnson&Johnson is confident in the success of the enterprise, and that the demand for this product will be great because in 2011, the number of tuberculosis cases worldwide was $ 9 million people, and the planet in the same year died of tuberculosis almost 1.4 million people.

TB begins to be resistant if the bacteria of the disease cease to die from exposure to at least two drugs: isoniazid rifampicin.

But independent experts have found that "Sirturo has side effects: it has a toxic effect on the liver and causes electrical disturbances of the heart muscle. Side effects due to the large number of certain enzymes in the product.

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