Only 200 grams of water can strengthen the brain by 14 percent

According to the source the Daily Mail, in the event of difficulties in the solution of any question, it is necessary to drink a little water. Even more benefits of this will be, if you really want to drink.

According to the edition of "Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, researchers from East London, University of East London, conducted an experiment which involved 34 participants, both men and women. People have been a number of intellectual tests twice. Once in the morning, after the people ate only a small piece of grain concentrate, and the second after they had eaten the grain concentrate and then zapili his mineral water. Those people who did not need fluid, had exactly the same reaction with water, without water. But thinking another part of people in need of drink, accelerated to 14 percent, after drinking their water.

By assumption scientists after people, thirsty, drank water, he gave freedom to the part of the brain that "notify" the body's thirst.

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