Onishchenko: pharmaceutical companies scare people with stories about the dangers of vaccinations

Recently in Russia began an annual seasonal influenza vaccination. The doctors have already planted 20 million people. According to the vaccination plan, it is necessary to instill the same amount. While there are certain difficulties faced by medical institutions.

"This year it is planned to vaccinate 40 million people out of 140 million population of Russia. But I do know that some pharmaceutical companies order a special, biased reports about the harmfulness of vaccination, intimidating conduct of the event. The reason is simple: if people will be less hurt, less will buy drugs. That is anti-vaccination campaign is a conspiracy of the giants of the pharmaceutical industry, which is beneficial to in flu season hurt as many people as possible. I do not exclude the work of foreign organizations. After all, who needs healthy people in Russia? This is a repeatedly established fact" - give your comment Gennady Onishchenko, the former head of Rospotrebnadzor.

Vaccination in General is useful, the expert believes. The introduction of the drug creates a barrier against influenza virus. A particularly strong need to take care of children's health, the introduction of the vaccine to them should be normal practice for every parent.

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