Onishchenko: e-cigarettes should be banned

About his attitude to electronic cigarettes before said Gennady Onishchenko, the former head of Rospotrebnadzor. He proposes to ban the devices for "floating" mixtures containing nicotine and flavorings. The main reason lies in the promotion of Smoking.

"We are witnessing today a Renaissance in the form fact that our country is back again aggressive advertising of beer, supposedly soft, the same when it simulates the process of Smoking, the habit, when, along with a steam release and a magazine with nicotine. It's like that nasvai, who suddenly found themselves in Russian laws. Couples today, tomorrow - nicotine. Should be banned", - commented on the situation Onishchenko.

The question of the use of electronic cigarettes in public places was raised earlier. Not so long ago the speaker of Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov stated that the use of such devices in metro and other crowded places as the least unacceptable.

Note, there is still no law which would regulate Smoking hookahs and electronic cigarettes. While officials have only put forward proposals to ban the sale of mixtures for e-cigarettes to minors. Maybe next year liquid with nicotine will impose excise duties.

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