Onishchenko about the learning process enough to relax

What tactics to choose in relation to the educational process, the authorities are thinking now. Earlier it was proposed to hold the September holiday line away from schools, places of public importance. However, as recommended by the former chief sanitary doctor of the country, opposing the Department of education, it is better not to cancel them and not to distance from educational institutions.

His opinion Gennady Onishchenko has shared with radio station "Moscow Says". He urged parents to remain calm and not create points of internal tension on the subject of KVI. The need for coexistence with the problem, according to the doctor, sooner or later will lead to the fact that the restrictive barriers and fears of Contracting the virus will be perceived as one of the dangers, not the main. Important in this approach can become a positive attitude of parents to the successful start of the school year. You need to take care of the kids to during the summer time they have strengthened and grown. At risk are not included.

According to statements by Onishchenko, the management of schools should care about compliance with health standards and children to learn because long vacations are not only relaxing, but also make the learning process inefficient phenomenon.

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