Onions, wine and tea will save you from heart disease

Many products are considered to be useful, however, only a detailed analysis of their chemical structure makes it possible to confirm this. Some doctors advise sometimes drink a glass of wine during dinner or not to ignore onions. It turns out that these products strengthen the cardiovascular system. It's all in the quercetin, which is rich in onions, tea and wine. This connection reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, strengthens blood vessels and helps to fight certain diseases of the heart.

The quartzetine belongs to the group of flavonoids. Previously, scientists have already made the assumption that this substance has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Special interest in flavonoids appeared in the late 20th century, when they first were discovered anti-oxidant properties of this group. Scientists note that the quartzetine has a fast metabolism and transformed in the gut and liver. It is this fact served as a major obstacle to research in this area.

In this study, the researchers have attempted to recreate the conditions of a living organism in the laboratory. This was established cell culture that was affected by quartzetine in physiological concentration close to the concentration in human blood. It turned out that this substance has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and atherosclerosis

This discovery, scientists believe, is another proof that a vegetarian diet is really useful. However, don't forget about animal products. It is worth noting that the British consume on average only 40% of fruits and vegetables from the required optimum. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the quantity and quality of their food ration.

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