One tissue nutrients help, and other harmful

Today, dietary supplements take millions of people. But scientists is warning that folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, for example, did not reduce the occurrence of cancer. And tablets-the antioxidants according to the type of vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, on the contrary, provoke disease, reported DNA.

These findings were announced five experts, who work under the guidance of Dr. Maria Elena Martinez from the University of California (USA). According to them, society is widely believed that supplements in any quantity and in any condition perfectly safe. Nutrient in the minds of the people associated with reliable protection from disease.

Meanwhile, while on the protection of some tissues, nutrients can cause harm to others. Inka EBA (UK centre for cancer research) completely agree with the experts and recommends to completely abandon dietary supplements, with a simultaneous move to a balanced diet.

For most people, the dose of minerals and vitamins in food is quite sufficient. Plus the fact that, initially, the Supplements are absolutely not meant to be as a medicine for curing diseases.

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