One third of Russians pamper yourself with vitamins

Representatives of well-known research holding ROMIR conducted a survey on the topic of consumption of Russian citizens of dietary supplements and vitamins over the past six months. According to the results they received, twenty-nine percent of Russians strengthened immunity in the winter with the help of vitamins.

In the survey participated fifteen hundred respondents whose age was 18-60 years of age and older, all of them lived in towns and villages in all eight Federal districts.

In turn seven percent of Russians surveyed said that they used vitamins each month, in accordance with a prescribed regimen. A slightly higher proportion of respondents who take good care of their health, has been noted among women and people under the age of thirty-four, having a high income.Another sixteen percent of respondents indicated that the vitamins used irregularly. Other people have been saying that for six months took only one course of vitamins, and some even refused it.

In particular, thirty-seven percent of Russian citizens essentially refused on this period from purchases of vitamins, motivating them useless, even harmful to their health drugs. Interestingly, respondents who have similar beliefs, practically does not differ from age, gender, income, and other indicators. Some people admitted that they did not buy vitamins, respectively, and did not accept them due to their high cost.

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