One third of all children in England are suffering from obesity

In England counted what number of primary age children suffering from overweight and found that it has increased in the past year and continues to grow, accounting for already more than one third of all children, writes the website

Experts in the field of health has published data that were disappointing: the number of children under the age of 6 years with overweight, compared with the previous year increased from 33.4% up to 33.9% in 2012. Statistics show that the proportion of overweight children is progressing rapidly.

The experts noted that obesity is related to social deprivation. As it turned out, the children suffering from obesity, more in poor areas of the country and is 24.3%, and of the most affluent areas and less is 13.7%. To overweight are more prone children with African-American roots, and less - children of Asian origin. It also appeared that the inhabitants of the suburbs and villages in this respect healthier than citizens. In London, the experts were found to contain the largest number of children.

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According to the representative of the National forum, the results of studies on obesity in children is a "real tragedy". This proves that all developed programs to create healthy habits in children do not work, and we need to be in school program additional hours, in order to return children to their normal physical form.

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