One session of hookah equal to a hundred cigarettes

In the last years of the British cardiologists were concerned about the growing number of young people with cardiovascular disease. Doctors came to the conclusion that the high growth in the prevalence of these diseases depends in part on becoming not so long ago popular hookah cafe.

Experts estimate that just being in a cafe, where people smoke hookah, is the effect on the body 100, or 200 cigarettes.

"Dose smoked in a hookah is equal in strength to a hundred cigarettes," says the study's author Betty McBride.

The owners of hookah always said that he could not be more harmful than cigarettes, and every day it doesn't smoke none. It turned out that 9 percent of the population believe hookah is harmless, only 40 percent know that he can also contain tobacco.

At the identical nature of the harms of waterpipe and cigarettes, the risk of disease from a hookah is much higher, because people smoke it longer and harder than the usual small a cigarette. In addition to an increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, Smoking hookah affects normal brain activity and can lead to loss of consciousness or even the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Hookah has long been widespread in Arab countries to ban hookah cafe authorities cannot, so it causes an uproar among regular smokers.

Dispute what is more harmful, hookah or cigarettes, is now allowed British scientists, one session of hookah harmful hundreds of cigarettes.


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