One out of ten suicides occur because of illness

English scientists of Louise Bazalgette and William Bradley warn that people with chronic and incurable diseases are at high risk of suicide. At least ten percent of suicides in England occur for this reason. Most likely, this figure is grossly underestimated, as some representatives of law enforcement services e include in the report about the death of information about health. All in all, the share of suicides from physical pain or health issues, accounting for 21, 4 percent.

Which means that people with chronic pain or illness should be given special attention in psychological support and medical help.

In the modern world, suicide is an important public health issue, although over the last ten years, the rate of suicides decreased in 2009 in England occurred 4390 suicide, which amounts to 16 cases per 100,000 men, and 4, 8 cases the same number of women. It is believed that every two hours is one suicide.

Also in the factors of increased risk of suicide include unemployment, drug addiction, mental illness. Struggle with each of these characteristic is maintained at therapeutic levels. However, because of the increasing number of British people with chronic diseases, and increased the number of patients travel to Switzerland to get help in the settling of accounts with life.

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