One of the reasons for the birth of children with low birth weight - vitamin D deficiency

Pregnant women who have a deficiency of vitamin D in the body, can give birth to children with low birth weight. Studies have shown that those mothers with 26 weeks of pregnancy and before, was not identified a lack of vitamin D in the body, children were born with a weight of, the relevant standards. Experts say that a lack of vitamin D especially in the first trimester of pregnancy may adversely affect the health of the child at birth.

As you know, the main natural source of vitamin D is sunlight, and only a few products contain the above-mentioned vitamin.

Due to lack of sun exposure, the lack of vitamin D in the body, resulting in bad usvoyaema calcium and phosphorus, but also raises the risk of bone tissue metabolism.

This study was conducted among 2146 women who had taken the analysis to identify the level of vitamin D in the body. They were all in the 26th week of pregnancy or below. After the women gave birth, we measured the growth of children immediately after birth, and head circumference of the child and its weight was measured at the end of the day.

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The research results were sent to the magazine "JCEM for their further publication.

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