One of the largest tobacco companies introduced a new method of Smoking cigarettes

Smoking is becoming safer, but the number of smokers in developed countries is decreasing every year. Therefore, tobacco companies spend huge sums to create alternative ways of getting nicotine.

Together with carbon filters and "light" tobacco development received a "soaring" or "vaping". Electronic cigarettes are actively used by millions of people. In fact, shared between the device for bathing and cigarette little. Source of nicotine in electronic cigarette uses a special liquid with glycerin. It is heated, creating a sort of smoke.

Philip Morris International has developed another way of Smoking. The tobacco columns are placed in a hollow tube, which heats the inner wall to 300 degrees and no more. This allows the tobacco to burn, and gradually to decay. As a result, the amount of tar that enters the lungs is significantly reduced. Now in Japan alone device used by more than 100,000 smokers.

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